Spirit Detectives ep. 3 "relapse"  February  25th,  2017 the Spirit Detectives conduct a follow up investigation of the Nickerson Snead House in Glade Springs, VA. With over 200 years of history, tragedy, death  and dark past were the basement is rumored to have served as a morgue during the American Civil War.  This extremely active location never disappoints.

We are a diverse team of investigators  located in the southern Appalachian mountains, who seek the truth utilizing the latest technology.  We search for the physical and metaphysical clues left behind by those who still haunt our world.

We are honored to be leading the investigation at this event for NSH.  Please like and share this information. Join us live on facebook and shindig.  Visit www.LargestGhostHunt .com 

  • come on come on Snead site.wav0:05
  • They broke it followed by a hum Tipton site.wav0:12
  • background whispers stay the course Naval Ship.wav0:15