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About Us

​​S.R.S Paranormal uses a methodical approach to our investigations.  we research every location's history and claims.  utilizing the latest techniques and equipment we attempt to find earthly explanations to what is occurring.  Upon completion of an investigation all evidence is reviewed by all Lead investigators and only if it meets our standards is it evidence.  over 98% of occurrences can be explained.    



In 2006 Matthew Sorge and Steve Stewart, two long-time friends and professional firefighters, discovered they shared a love for history and relic hunting.  In their spare time they found themselves often at old historic and sometimes abandoned properties in search of relics.  During their relic hunts they began to discover they both were experiencing strange and unexplained phenomena multiple times at the same location.  “We hadn’t mentioned it and dismissed the occurrences as nothing.  One day by chance we had a conversation and quickly realized we had experienced the same type of unexplained phenomenon while hunting for relics”, Steve said.  Even though they were both curious about their experiences Matt and Steve were still convinced it was their overactive imaginations.  They thought to themselves, this can’t be paranormal activity?  Is this really happening?  To find answers to these questions they began to research theories, hauntings, equipment, and investigative methods.  This began the search to investigate multiple locations in hope of seeking the truth.  They wanted to prove what they had experienced was explainable and not paranormal.  Researching paranormal activity from a skeptic’s point of view led to more theories and questions.  The curiosity continued...

In 2007 SRS Paranormal was founded.  As Steve and Matt obtained more experience, they realized with their unique skills in relic and artifact recovery, they could potentially recover items that have an attachment to the location.  They began to use the discovered relics as trigger objects during their investigations to elicit responses.  As they continued their research they discovered other co-workers that had similar interests.  “Within the fire department you must work as a team.  We are exposed on a daily basis to untold tragedies and grief.  It forms tight bonds between fellow firefighters and first responders as we work together to serve people when things are at their worst”, Matt said.  As luck would have it they were assigned to the same station with a fellow fire-fighter Wes Spurgeon.  Wes held a degree in History and worked part-time at a local historical site that also happens to be actively haunted.   This was a perfect fit for the SRS team. The founders of SRS thought who better than an actual historian to join the team?  Wes began investigating with SRS and became the team Historian.  As investigations continued the team realized another fellow firefighter and close friend Al James had questions about the paranormal and shared our passion for paranormal research.  Al was a true skeptic and believed that there had to be an explanation for the paranormal phenomenon the team was documenting.  Al became part of the SRS team in 2015 and now serves as the team’s case manager.  Soon after joining SRS Al mentioned he had a life-long friend, Kevin King, who had been an independent paranormal researcher for over a decade.  Kevin was a former firefighter, is a paramedic and owns a Biotech research company.  In 2017 Kevin King joined the SRS team as an investigator.  It soon became clear that the members of the team help others in need every day, why not offer their skills as paranormal researchers to help people in their time of need?  Having a team comprised of emergency responders and medically trained people provides SRS with a unique point of view.  “We see so much tragedy and death and that energy lingers with us. We know there is more to discover”, Al said.

A few years ago, the SRS team was introduced to the Southern Gypsies through the investigation of the Nickerson Snead House in Glade Springs, VA.  The Southern Gypsies are a talented group of ladies with tremendous spiritual gifts.  Over these past few years, the SRS team had the privilege of working with the Southern Gypsies in multiple investigations and spiritual validation experiments.  Performing investigations with the Southern Gypsies opened the SRS team up to the spiritual side of paranormal research and exposed the SRS team to new perspectives and new ways of investigating.  Both teams work together to cross validate their experiences using conventional techniques, experience, and equipment to verify and document the psychic energy, physical surroundings and metaphysical phenomenon.  SRS uses scientific approach and instruments to record how the environment changes and what occurs during the phenomena.  The Southern Gypsies uncanny ability to connect with spirits using their gifts and spiritual techniques helps provide answers to whom and what is communicating.   Documenting their experiences and paranormal activity adds another layer to the research that SRS conducts.  Providing cross-validation techniques within two experienced teams who operate from both ends of the paranormal spectrum is unprecedented, ground breaking, and may lead to great advancements in the paranormal field.

SRS Paranormal is dedicated to seeking the truth and the preservation of history.  They use the latest technology combined with advanced techniques to validate or disprove the claims and experiences at each location.  Their approach is unique in that they utilize an archeological discovery process to survey the location to locate clues to aid their investigations.  Any artifacts or relics are cataloged, GPS tagged, preserved with conservation techniques, and turned over to their clients for display.  SRS researches all aspects of each location with the understanding that every site has its own historical relevance and energy.  Come with SRS and search for physical and metaphysical clues left behind by those who still haunt our world.