Copyright SRS Paranormal LLC. All rights reserved. At SRS Paranormal we take our work very seriously all our evidence is 100% real. We have strict standards to ensure only what meets our requirements is considered evidence. SRS Paranormal is a Limited Liability Company. Backround image from Random Images "ghosthouse HD"

"Relapse" NSH  revisit

"House Call" NSH 

" Mysterious House In The Woods"

S.R.S Paranormal investigates both well known haunted locations, as well as, investigation requests to assist any person or  location experiencing unexplained phenomenon.  We only post case files of known haunted locations that have livable situations and publicize the activity or when proper release is obtained.  Any client or location whom wishes for the case to remain confidential is guaranteed it will remain so.   All evidence, photos, video,  EVP,  documents, or otherwise noted items or files are property of S.R.S Paranormal.